Eckhardt's Puzzle

A large golden amulet


By placing the amulet in water, removes all contaminants and non-magical poisons. The amulet is capable of purifying about a gallon of water every 5 minutes.

Maximum Threads: 5
Spell Defense: 18
Legend Point Cost: Warden

Rank 1
Key Knowledge:The wearer must learn the Name of the amulet. (Eckhardt’s Puzzle)
Deed: The wearer must have woven a thread to a Group True Pattern item.


Through a painstaking process of restoring what documents that could be salvaged from the downed airship (The Wild Card), this information was gleaned:

The amulet, called Eckhardt’s Puzzle, belong to a Horror Stalker by the Name of Eckhardt the Forsaken of Landis. Rather than seeking refuge in a kaer, Eckhardt and the crew of The Wild Card took the fight to the Horrors. The salvaged pages only make brief mention of the amulet, but it is known that Eckhardt treasured it.

Records also indicate that Landis most likely did not survive the Scourge, as their resources were too tied up in ongoing wars with Cara Fard and the trolls of the Twilight Peaks to build suitable kaers or citadels.

The records are incomplete and do not tell of Eckhardt’s final fate.

Eckhardt's Puzzle

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