Stigandr Birgirson

wanderer to help, to save, to protect


Discipline: Scout
Race: Human
Gender: Male


I’ll probably go with a decidedly norman/viking feel with this character. A ferocious warrior who protects those he cares about proactively. He has a strong inclination to fight rather than flight, anything can be solved with a few head butts. He wouldn’t be a bully per se, fighting purely for the sake of fighting, but he certainly doesn’t shy away from confrontation.

O.K. scratch all that, Stiggy is a adventure seeking explorer. His passion is to experience new places and to make them known to all by mapping every place he goes. People who meet him will get an initial impression of someone who has always has a smile at the corner of his mouth and comes across as friendly and helpful.

Stigandr Birgirson

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