Roland of Wayfare

A tall, muscular, and imposing youth, with clear blue eyes, short blond hair, and a composed manner.


Aspects: Faith (Mynbruje); Desire for Justice (especially the strong dealing with the weak); Personal Warrior Code of Honor.

Height: 6’
Weight: 190 lbs

Coat of Arms:

Roland coat of arms bw


From his earliest years, Roland has been known to be very active and daring. At the age of 8, he lost both of his parents to disease while everyone still lived in the Kaer. This time was very hard on the people and motivated them to Emerge that same year or face disaster. His uncle, Owain, looked after him as well as he could, but he lived in poverty with two boys and three girls of his own. Roland knew that he had to look out for himself and he was always the first to get into trouble. After the Emergence, Roland was always wandering off and getting into trouble in the dangerous wilderness. It looked like the rambunctious boy was destined for a life as a scoundrel and a nare-do-well.
All that changed at the age of 12, when he was almost eaten by a pack of hungry wild dogs until he was rescued by the Warrior, Corman. After that day, the boy turned a new leaf and began to be more responsible and diligent. He persistently sought out Corman who reluctantly agreed to train him in the Discipline of the Warrior. From the age of 13, Roland has lived with Corman and his wife, Nisbele. The lesson that everyone needs help sometimes stuck with him and he changed from being a notorious bully to helping to tutor the younger kids and help out the community as he can. Corman has instilled in the boy the value of learning and study, and Roland has worked hard at academics as well as swordplay. He has especially taken an interest in ancient literature, history, and epic tales. He is often seen pouring over a well worn copy of The 13 Deeds of Sir Oliver the Questor.
As graduation has grown closer, Roland has turned more and more into an adult. Now, at the age of 15, he is poised to become a full-fledged Adept and pillar of the community. He has every appearance of being dutiful and earnest, shows a genuine piety and devotion to Mynbruje, but still has a glimmer of adventure and daring-do about him.

Roland of Wayfare

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