Every Legend has to Start Somewhere

The Long Night has finally come to an end. For hundreds of years the Namegiver races of the world had been forced into hiding by astral creatures of maddness and destruction, known as Horrors. Now, after generations of self-imposed prison, the Namegivers begin to emerge from their kaers and citadels, once more returning to the light of day and the open sky. The world they discover is one forever changed, a landscape ravaged and corrupted by the Horrors.

Now, political factions and secret societies vie for power in the many provinces; monsters and madmen prey upon the weak; Horrors still lurk in dark places, and Hope is a commodity in short supply. Fortunes, both good and ill, await those brave enough to seek them out. It is an Age of Legends. A time where those courageous enough to stand against the darkness may write their own immortal tales.

On an island somewhere upon the waves of the Endless Sea (known to its inhabitants as Natales), a new generation has recently become initiated in the ways of their chosen Disciplines. These Adepts stand, unknowingly, upon a crossroads of great potentials. Each has their own dreams of destiny and glory, but which of them will have the courage and fortitude to reach out and claim it, and what will it cost them?

The Long Night may be over, but the shadows still gather. Stand and be true! The world needs heroes and the time of your legend is now!

Players should start here: Character Creation

To follow the story, here are the chapters:
Session 001 – Monkey Trouble
Session 002 – Something in the Water (Part 1)
Session 003 – Something in the Water (Part 2)
Session 004 – An Eidolon in the Shadows
Session 005 – The Weaponsmith’s Daughter
Session 006 – The First Team
Session 007 – Into the Unknown
Session 008 – Kaer Noldo (rough cut)
Session 009 – The Horror within Kaer Aklar (rough cut)

In the Weave

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